The reality is, women need to prepare for menopause as early as possible. It comes as quite a shock and really wreaks havoc on ‘normal life’. Here are the important aspects of health that you should consider protecting in order to prepare (and endure) menopause in the best way possible… menopause weight gain, belly fat, painful joints and low energy are all perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms which can be controlled with the right approach to health.

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Your bone health, muscle health, cardiovascular health, and metabolic health are all major players which can be better controlled with a well-rounded view of health. Basically, understanding your body composition is key to knowing that you're taking the right steps towards feeling better and more vibrant every single day. 

3D body scanning is something I use with all of my clients to get these readings. Understanding the invisible make-up of the internal body is key to improving overall health, energy levels and the way the brain works too! 

I get real results for real women with my innovative body and health transformation approach combining expert personal training, technology and nutritional guidance.

After 3D scanning which unlocks the secrets of your unique inner body, we combine a time-efficient, joint-friendly strength and resistance training programme with evidence based nutritional guidance using a 3 step system.

If you've been suffering with abdominal weight gain that you just can't shift, need to lose fat and build muscle to improve your body shape, or want to improve your mood through exercise and nutrition, then I invite you to have a consultation with me, Roseanna, where we will dive deep into your own personal situation and create a plan of action to get you the results you are looking for.

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VOLO 3 STEP SYSTEM | 4 week cycle

3D Body Composition Scan

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Upon starting your programme, you'll get a full Body Composition Scan so you can visualise your progress with further scans every 4 weeks. Watch visceral fat (fat around organs) reducing over time while simultaneously increasing muscle mass and lowering your metabolic age.

Feeling more like yourself again thanks to VOLO? Your scan will show you the black and white figures of what's happening deep inside of your body to give you a well-rounded picture of your overall health.


Whole-Body EMS Training

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Personal Training with EMS allows you to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously in just 1x 20 minute session per week.

EMS is a safe, effective method of muscle stimulation that mimics the natural electric impulses sent by the brain to the muscle to help them contract and grow.

This futuristic training solution is as time-efficient as it gets thanks to 13 electrodes which stimulate all of the major muscle groups in the body at one time.


Evidence Based Nutrition

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Every single week during your VOLO programme, you'll receive personal nutrition guidance and plans that don't require extensive shopping list or hours spent in the kitchen. Nutrition coaching allows you to reach your goal in a balanced, non-restrictive way and teaches long term maintenance methods.

Effective nutrition is a very important part of body composition changes, in particular sufficient protein and calories without cutting out any major food groups.


"I had a consultation with VOLO and it sounded exactly what I needed. The personal Training with EMS was really great and I started at a nice easy level and worked up. It was so motivational to be able to see the fat coming off and some muscle actually starting to build up to on the 3D Scan."

"The best bit was that I wasn't hungry at all and due to the individualised nutrition plan, I could eat the things I loved and didn't feel deprived. My blood sugar is now back to normal and my Doctor is very happy."

Bernadette O'Callaghan

"After my second baby I struggled to get to do any exercise and just didn't have the motivation to go to the gym. When I went back to work I grabbed whatever food I could get and losing the weight was impossible. I would jump from fad diet to fad diet and lose a few pounds just to put them back on."

"My friend told me about EMS and it seemed too good to be true but I knew I needed to do something as my health was starting to be affected. I loved it! I could feel it working on my muscles and my energy was so much better. I stopped just looking at scale weight and had a 3D body scan which was amazing for showing my progress. I'm now in a much better place have improved my body composition and my health. I would definitely recommend 3D body scans, EMS and the nutrition coaching."

Aoife O'Regan

"I was going to the gym 3 times a week and running but I was still gaining weight. I was peri menopausal and just assumed that my belly fat was unavoidable. Little did I realise that the amount of cardio I was doing was counter productive and actually reducing my muscle, meaning my metabolism was lower. Once I started personal training with EMS I could actually visibly track the fat loss and muscle gain on the 3D Scan."

"It also turned out I wasn't eating nearly enough protein. I also discovered that tracking my food so closely didnt help my mental health and the non tracking option with VOLO gave me much more freedom. Now I have the knowledge to choose wisely and also eat the things I really enjoy."

Anne Marie Murray


If you are looking to book an appointment or consultation with Roseanna, use the button below to visit her appointment scheduling system.

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