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electric muscle stimulation training at volo ireland body and health transformation studio

Personal Training with EMS allows you to lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously in just 1x 20 minute session per week. It's a hugely popular workout for people with a vast range of health goals, with benefits from athletes to the elderly when compared to traditional training.

Training and technology are safe and effective
1×20 minutes a week is enough to get results
Suitable for people with back pain and other injuries
A total body workout tailored to ability / fitness goals

EMS is a 'treatment and training in one', stimulating 13 major muscle groups at the same time. By increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Additionally, EMS can reduce cellulite, burn fat, build muscle mass and strength, increase mobility, reduce pain and burn up to 500 calories in a 20 minute session. (That's equivalant to about 90 minutes of traditional high intensity exercise.)

The best way to understand EMS training and the benefits of it? Come and have a try for youself. Have a look at VOLO programmes, packages and prices to book your session or consultation call.

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