December 2, 2021

Should Menopause be re-classified as a hormone deficiency?

If I told you there was a disease that caused severe sweats, sleep disturbance, heart disease,diabetes and other metabolic disturbances, osteoporotic fractures, joint pain and stiffness, extremeanxiety, loss of self, bladder problems, sexual dysfunction, headaches, and many more long-termproblems you would demand that treatment was available.

If I also told you that ALL of the above are symptoms or long- term consequences of Menopause andsolely due to a reduction in the Hormones Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone you would also demand that those hormones should be replaced, but unfortunately that is just not happening.This, in part is due to a huge misrepresentation of data from a study that was done over 20 years agoand is still the fallback position for a large number of health care professionals.

Women’s Health Initiative Study

Firstly, the hormones used in this study are no longer used in general practice.

They used old style oral Oestrogen made from horses’ urine and synthetic progesterone, which areknown to increase the risk of heart attacks and clots. Secondly, these treatments were given to women 60 plus, many of whom had had heart attacks andother cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors.

Newer style bioidentical HRT ( which can be prescribed by your GP) can lower blood pressure,reduce heart attacks and reduce cholesterol and the results are better the younger a woman is whenshe starts treatment. There is also no need to stop HRT at 60.

The other huge benefits of early and long-term use of Oestrogen are the benefits to Bone health, mental health and genito-urinary health.

Reduction in fractures and death due to fractures is significant, 20% of women who have a fracturedie within one year and 1 in 2 women have osteoporosis.

A staggering figure to note is the average age of Women committing suicide is between 50 and 55, this is no coincidence!

Mental health is a HUGE factor during menopause and HRT can save lives.

The reporting of the Women’s health Initiative study was also responsible for Insinuating that HRT caused an increase in breast Cancer. It is now known that drinking two glasses or wine per night orbeing obese increases the risk of breast cancer significantly more than any modern HRT treatment.

Taking the equivalent of 2 ½ hours of exercise per week significantly decreases the risk. See the Infographic below:

Sadly, many people, including health care professionals still think that that Peri menopause and Menopause is just a few hot flushes. This is clearly not the case and its imperative that any Womanin her 40’s upwards who has any of the above symptoms seeks out someone who can help.

There are a number of resources available, and I would highly recommend Dr Louise Newson as anevidence-based source of information on and menopause_doctoron Instagram.

You can also download the Balance app to record your symptoms and produce a report to take toyour own doctor.

If you are interested in finding out how you can do the equivalent of 3 heavy gym sessions in just 1 20-minute session per week then head over to the programmes and prices page or book a consultation with me.

Roseanna Gorman

Founder and Head Coach VOLO