3D infrared scanning is a non invasive way to visualise your progress and monitor Fat, Muscle, Fat distribution and Health Risks... And what it shows you about your body is absolutely life changing. 3D Body Scans are highly effective in pinpointing problem areas within the body in order to create personalised action plans to accelerate results.

styku body composition scanner for fat loss and muscle mass reading total body health and fast results volo greystones ireland
styku 3d body composition scanner at volo in greystones ireland wicklow area body and health tranformations in 3 step system

The number shown on traditional scales is not an accurate measure of your health or wellbeing. The body is made up of many different dimensions and 3D body composition scans show the exact measurements of fat and the distribution of it across the whole body, muscle mass, visceral fat (fat around the organs) and health risks, overall hydration level all whilst tracking progress down to the milimentre over time.

At VOLO, we recommend a 3D Body Composition Scan every 4 weeks, in order to accurately track the progress towards reaching your goal. The results of the scan allow hyper-personalised and specific coaching steps and training to accelerate progress and create long term satisfaction.

Check out our programmes, packages and prices and pop in for your first 3D body composition scan. The data will most likely surprise you in quite a few ways!

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